Reforesting Scotland Journal back issues

Back issues of Reforesting Scotland and The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy are available from the Reforesting Scotland office. See the 'Buying the Journal' page for details.

Reforesting Scotland Journal 54

Autumn/Winter 2016: ‘Upstream, downstream’ The theme of this issue of Reforesting Scotland is ‘Upstream, downstream’ and we take a look at the downstream impacts of upland management. Articles look at flooding, farming, driven grouse shooting and the montane scrub habitat.

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 53

Spring/Summer 2016 – Woods and Wellbeing This issue of Reforesting Scotland looks at ‘Woods and well-being’. The many and obvious benefits of woodland extend from the wider ecosystem, where soils are built and flooding managed, and into our very souls.

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 52

Autumn/Winter 2015: Grazers! This issue looks at ‘Grazing’, from the usual suspects of deer and sheep, to the related issues of ticks, venison and lynx. Plus our regular look at artists, beasts, stoves and orchards… Articles include: Creating an oasis

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 51

Spring/Summer 2015: Stories from the West From north to south, there’s a lot going on in the west. Articles include: Atlantic woodlands – a four-page feature on our temperate rainforest GalGael and the Commonwealth Games – our common wealth Life

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 50

Autumn/Winter 2014: ‘Restoring the Land and the People’ Looking back – and forward – in our 50th issue. Articles include: Bernard Planterose: From wet desert to woodland economy. George Monbiot: Rewilding. Andy Wightman: My journey with Reforesting Scotland. Alan Watson

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 49

Spring/Summer 2014: ‘Small Is Possible’ We always knew it, now here’s the proof! Articles include: Letter from a forest garden: how Graham Bell grows a tonne of food, literally, in his garden. Woodland crofts: Jamie McIntyre on how local intensive

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 48

Cover of Reforesting Scotland Journal 48

Autumn/Winter 2013: ‘Fun in the forest’ There are so many ways to engage with forests! Articles include: The Woodland Building Site – families creating a building for their local woodland kindergarten Donkeys in the Forest– for children’s birthday parties Perthshire’s

Reforesting Scotland Journal 47

Spring/Summer 2013: ‘Coping with catastrophe’ The theme for this issue highlights the Great Storm of 2012 and the spread of diseases like Chalara fraxinea (ash die-back), but also celebrates the creative responses of communities and individuals to those disasters Articles

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 46

Autumn/Winter 2012: ‘The living forest’ The theme for this issue ties in with the annual Reforesting Scotland Gathering in Strathspey in early October 2012. Articles include: Forest life in Abernethy In conversation… Forests present and future Balancing act at Mar

Reforesting Scotland Journal 45

Spring/Summer 2012: Co-operative living – a low impact choice? Forty years at Laurieston Hall Acorn, a new crofting co-op for Argyll A simple woodland life at Tinker’s Bubble Together on the land at Talamh Thousand Huts campaign report and news