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by Kamwolf
14 Aug 2019, 13:14
Forum: Land/Planning Issues
Topic: rough idea of land rents?
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rough idea of land rents

yea I think I may, this was the first year in a long time I saw a good amount of Mullet and they are already willing to let them have at it again In case you loved this article and you would want to receive more information with regards to What games are coming out in 2020 kindly visit the web site
by Kamwolf
12 Aug 2019, 20:41
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Toilets ? (Carnock Wood)
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Toilets Carnock Wood

I will run Wood Elves one day. Maybe when I dont feel like stretching myself

Only other choice would have been guard, but maybe a second double?
by Kamwolf
12 Aug 2019, 10:37
Forum: Building A Hut
Topic: Building a hut, A Flinstone's Way, Digresion!
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Building a hut A Flinstones Way Digresion

Oh dear. Im going to make myself feel and sound very old and potentially patronising by saying I wish this is the kind of thing Id wanted to do when I was 20... Love that door and the fact that it came from the family home. Look forward to seeing how the hut progresses...
by Kamwolf
12 Aug 2019, 05:36
Forum: Woodland management
Topic: Possible sites for large scale reforesting?
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Possible sites for large scale reforesting

Hi Rich and thank you.

I did and he suggested the SWOG forum.

The muck truck would not work for us. Dont like going backwards most of the time.
by Kamwolf
11 Aug 2019, 08:37
Forum: Building A Hut
Topic: Getting stared soon (hopefuly)
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Getting stared soon hopefuly

Hey there. Just a new local table top player/collector. I am only just assembling my first units, but hopefully soon my skaven horde will be across from a table near you
by Kamwolf
10 Aug 2019, 10:39
Forum: Introduce yourself!
Topic: Coppicing on Potterland Hill (Kirkcudbrightshire)
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Coppicing on Potterland Hill Kirkcudbrightshire

Nice. I thought that was what they were. When I set up a SW tank I will go with these. How do you feel about them after you have had them for a while?
by Kamwolf
08 Aug 2019, 15:17
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello all.
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Hello all

i happened to come across this forum while looking for ways to make my own 5.1 cds.i have dowloaded a few 5.1 torrents and thought there must be a way to do this im hoping with a little luck and a few pointers from the forum i will hopefully succeed...any and all suggestions,tips would be ...
by Kamwolf
06 Aug 2019, 21:13
Forum: Website/Forum Feedback
Topic: Posting photos
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Posting photos

Still having problems figuring out how to transfer a photo to the Profile. I tried Cut and Copy from My Photos, but nothing happened.



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