Help needed to design and build a hut

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Help needed to design and build a hut

Postby lucie.macaulay » 15 Jan 2017, 18:32


Last year we bought a cottage at Rannoch Station that my husband's family had been renting for 30+ years. It is an old schoolhouse built to educate the local crofters families and the children of the workers on the trainline over the moor. We are currently making it available as an artist's/writer's retreat when we aren't using it. It's got water, electricity and all the basic cottage-y stuff but it is hard to keep warm since it made of corrugated iron with wood panelling and no insulation.

We would like to build a one-room wooden building in the patch of land surrounding the house. There is a 12ft x 10ft flat area which still has the foundations of where the old toilet outbuilding used to be - with a lovely view of Schiehallion.

As far as I can see, it would not need planning permission because it would count as a summerhouse to the main building but we would like to make it possible for it to function as a stand-alone hut as well as a spare bedroom. It would not be visible from the cottage.

I would like to be involved in designing and building the hut but I will need some handy co-builders since the only construction I've designed and built myself is a woodstore made from pallets. I can offer free use of the cottage and/or the hut in return. I can also pay for a design or for someone to be in charge of the build.

It's an amazing place right at the end of the road from Kinloch Rannoch and 5 minutes walk from the station so it's really easy to get to from Glasgow. Lots of hills and walks nearby and if you can pull/carry a canoe or kayak to Loch Laidon then you are off into the wilderness.

If you'd be interested in getting involved then please let me know.


Lucie Macaulay

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Re: Help needed to design and build a hut

Postby stan.davies » 16 Jan 2017, 14:12

Hello Lucie, I'll be only too happy to help you out in any way I can.
I'm very familiar with where you are. Have camped at the end of Loch Rannoch over many years, open canoed the upper lochs (until lifting the canoe over the gates became a bit too arduous, on my own!) And Stayed in the old Railway Carriage 'Bothy' other side of the tracks.

You'll no doubt gather that I'm an ardent supporter of the Hutting movement and I've looked after 'My' hut since the 70s. (lots of background in my Forum entries...)..
With there being no 'Building Regs' issues to deal with, getting a basic structure up should not present much difficulty and the aesthetics can, I'm sure,'be dealt with easily. You're only 'major' issue being 'Planning'...
Having a base/foundation already is an incredible asset. Once the 'base' is set everything else will work easily from there.......................

My Hut is only 10'x12' and comfortable for up to 4 in residence, with gas cooker and lighting............
The years have taught me a lot however and there is many an improvement I would make if building from scratch, something I hope to be able to do and pass on my existing hut to a younger couple as the access to it is getting increasingly difficult for me.
What started as 2x double bunks /couchettes... no stove, is now 'cosy', single upper bunk, double futon couch lower... and the 'table' even an extra bed space if needed. Plus a woodburning stove.............

Get back to me as it suits you. I can travel easily and finding my way to Rannoch at any time is a pleasure.
I'm retired, lots of free time, love the outdoors. Tools in abundance and quite a few information resources. My Email is (I live in Denny, Falkirk)

I'm sure you already have a few basic ides already, I suggest graph paper and coloured pens are invaluable for tidying the mind.................................So is internet access when it comes to materials sources, (?) But that can be sorted................................. Stan

Andrew McAvoy
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Re: Help needed to design and build a hut

Postby Andrew McAvoy » 20 Feb 2017, 18:08

Hello Lucie

I am a Glasgow based Architect with a history of Self Build.
you can see a portfolio of some of my work at

Creation of huts and houses at many scales has been my forte.

I had a read at the Hutting Policy before Xmas and it seems to me that you do need permission for what you propose to do. The Policy guidance provides you with endorsement toward the development and deployment of huts ....but alas the local authority still need to know what is being proposed - size, location, material finish access etc.

We are quite busy, but could deal with the planning system, design and help you organise the build.
We hold a data base of spec and details suited to this kind of thing.

My own experience leads me toward the idea of having a structural frame kit made in a workshop for quick site assembly and then to hit the site immediatly therafter with a team to tackle all the cladding insulation linings flooring etc.

Compressing the build time to achieve water tightness in scottish weather is always the challenge.

Hope that helps.

all best

andy mc

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