Hazels in Scotland

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Hazels in Scotland

Postby les.bates » 13 Sep 2016, 21:49

Hi my name is Les Bates

I am generally interested in Hazel in Scotland but more especially around the area where I live. Torridon and Wester Ross.
I assist a coppice\hazel wood management group in Applecross at Carnach Woodland. now in its 4-5th year
I grow a few hazel saplings from local gathered seed each year.

I am also interested in cultivars of Hazel, Cobnuts and Filberts and share information on these on the Facebook page of Orchard Collective Scotland.

i AM ALSO INTERESTED IN THE PLANTING OF NEW HAZEL WOODLAND IN SCOTLAND, to manage for both nuts and coppice\pollard rods. Plat-like woodlands as in Kent.England one of which I worked in for a couple of winters at Plaxtol in Kent. In many situations\sites of existing hazel woodland in Scotland the trees carry a whole suite of Lichen species, the rairity of which varies from wood to wood, location to location, and any cutting of stems results in the removal of the lichens along with the material that they inhabit. New hazel woodland would be managed in locations for production of nuts and coppice materials. This can be achieved utilising a number of management\pruning techniques, one of which could be the production of a tree on a metre to 1.5 metre high leg with a number of pollard stems on the top for nut harvest. The hazel stool at ground level will send up wands and these are harvested for craft\garden materials.

I am also interested in the possibility of an Hazel Coppice \ woodland Trail in Scotland encompassing a route from east through to the west coast of Scotland. Hazel as been utilised by man almost more than any other tree species since the last Ice Age and forms an important ecological and social link to woods for Scottish people.

These are Thoughts written off the cuff as it were but based on over 40 years of knowing hazels in Scotland and the growing of both native hazel and cultivars.

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