Hello from Donald

This is a space where you can let other forum users know who you are and what your coppicing interests and involvements are. If you don't want to reveal too much to the world, a simple "hello" will do!
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Hello from Donald

Postby donald.mcphillimy » 26 Sep 2016, 16:39

Great photo at the top of the page. I love coppice woods, for their diversity and for their productivity. I have been studying them for years and occasionally get asked to run a course on the theory and practice of coppicing. Coppicing is a great way to manage a woodland for wood fuel but you have to be very brave to cut down a big enough area to get the full coppice response. For a couple of years, it looks awfully like a clearfell. And how do you protect against roe deer? That is a big issue. Looking forward to discussing all things coppice on this forum.

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Re: Hello from Donald

Postby Treebeardie » 05 Oct 2016, 11:08

Nothing wrong with a clear fell! Smells good, and the re-burst of growth is as rewarding as the use of the harvested material (even if the first cut yields little other than firewood.

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