Hazels on the Rosneath peninsula

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Hazels on the Rosneath peninsula

Postby Drumrae » 01 Oct 2016, 10:13

I'm David Jamieson.

We have hazels in our ground, about half acre, and plenty all about at roadsides and on the edges of commercial forest just adjacent to us. Everywhere, hazel seedlings sprout. I think many nuts are moved and buried by mice and greys. We don't have reds here, another topic for I'm into trapping the greys.
I move the seedlings and cage them for a few years as we are plagued by roe.
My practice has been to remove poles depending on need. Some 100mm stems for firewood and all sizes downward for stakes as required. A Silky Zubat gets in to the chosen stem without doing much damage to the stems to be left. This practice seems to keep the deer out of the growing young stems.

I've not noted anyone locally taking hazel poles

I've planted some alder in the local burn side and other wet patches and plan to coppice this for firewood. Been impressed by the rate of growth of the alder girth.

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