Rosneth peninsula hazel

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Rosneth peninsula hazel

Postby Drumrae » 02 Oct 2016, 07:09

Hello from David Jamieson.

We are just at the North side of the Highland boundary fault here. In our ground, about half an acre, there are several mature hazels and a great many at every age down to saplings. We border commercial forest, Sitka, but also deciduous scrub, mostly birch and willow with hazel at the roadsides.

My practice has been to extract some 100mm stems for firewood and straight stems for poles for garden and construction. By leaving the "tree" mostly intact the deer do not get to browse away all the growing shoots. A Silky Zabat does the cutting and it can be used without causing excessive damage to other stems.

I've not noted anyone else cutting hazel stems other than the contractors clearing road verges.

Hazel seedlings appear everywhere. I reckon the nuts moved by mice or greys. My dug growing plots always have a crop of hazels that prosper alongside the potatoes and beans. I shift these and cage them otherwise the roe get them. I'm into trapping the greys for the reds are not so far away from here.

I've planted alder at the burn side and on wet patches and it is prospering. I've been impressed at the rate of growth of the diameter of the lower trunks. Of all the natives these seem to most productive from seeds. I plan to coppice alder for firewood.

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