Atlantic hazel woods

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Atlantic hazel woods

Postby al.whitworth » 23 Apr 2017, 20:06

It was interesting to read Toni's piece on coppicing in the latest RS journal. There was a sentence "one would never consider coppicing the Atlantic hazel woods". I assume this is for habitat and species reasons but as someone who's never been to these woods could someone shed more light on this? Is there no history of coppicing there at all?

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Re: Atlantic hazel woods

Postby donald.mcphillimy » 16 May 2017, 14:35

Hazel is naturally multi-stemmed and so most of the Atlantic hazel you see has not been coppiced. Several very special rare fungi are adapted to long standing single and multiple stemmed trees. If you coppice them, you can lose the fungi.

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Re: Atlantic hazel woods

Postby Edlerson » 07 Aug 2018, 15:15

That's most interesting. I didn't know that about the Atlantic hazel. Does this go for the other kinds of hazel also?

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Re: Atlantic hazel woods

Postby Stella365 » 16 Nov 2018, 13:18

Yes, that applies to all kinds of hazel.

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