Coppice rotation time for different trees

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Coppice rotation time for different trees

Postby thomassgn » 14 Oct 2019, 15:15


I'm in the process of planning the restart of coppicing at the farm where I live. The farm is an old vicarage and has been active since 1818. The woodlands around here have been mostly neglected for some time, I'd guess at least 40 years, probably more. I still see signs of coppicing, some clear as day, but most of it can have other, though unlikely, reasons.

I have done some coppice training before, and have som references for it; so I'm confident in my ability to do the work. What I don't have is information about how long the rotations for different trees are and also what trees are good, mediocre and bad at coppicing.

So far I've found signs of coppicing on alder (alnus incana), some acers, ash, hazel, oak, salix/willow. I've also found signs of coppicing on a hedge of birch, though I keep seeing internet people being very adamant that birch is uncoppiceable.

This is in Eidanger, south part of Norway. I did my training in Scotland and participated in reforesting Scotland back then, the climate here is quite similar to Scotland, tiny bit more snow, but less wind. So temperatures are comparable.

TLDR: I need data on rotation time and species applicability for coppicing, specifically for these: alder/alnus incana, acer spp., ash/fraxinus excelsior, hazel/coryllus avellana, oak/quercus spp., willow/salix spp., birch/betula spp..

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Re: Coppice rotation time for different trees

Postby Ranger_762 » 15 Oct 2019, 15:39

I'd be interested to hear that as well! I'm not heading to Norway, but to the Baltic Sea, as my wife and I are looking at these Jurmala houses. I'm not 100% sure, but I'd say that the tree species there could be quite similar!

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