Sharpening Silky saws

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Sharpening Silky saws

Postby Drumrae » 13 Nov 2016, 12:14

I'm interested in others experience of Silky saws. I've only used a Zubat, currently on third blade. But I don't like the throw-away culture of the hardened teeth. I've seen from the internet that some blades have teeth that can be sharpened with a file. I'd welcome feedback on these.

I've had some success sharpening the Zubat teeth with diamond files. I got a 600grit "knife" diamond file recently that can get into the narrow gullets. The most critical is the tip of the teeth and I used a 600grit flat diamond file for that. As there is no set to the teeth, both faces were finished with 1200grit. I'm pleased with the result but am unsure if my sequence is the most effective.

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