WANTED: commercial quality hazel poles

Coppice products for sale, gift or barter; woodland needing coppiced; projects needing volunteers or paid workers; people willing to work.
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WANTED: commercial quality hazel poles

Postby scot_ansgeulaiche » 06 Oct 2016, 13:57

I'm interested to know who (and where) out there is producing hazel poles. That is, who is managing a coppice of hazel so that it produces material one to two inches in diameter, straight and eight to twelve feet long?
As a thatcher, I have need of good quality material.
I can coppice it myself (in Scotland), or take delivery of cut poles, gads, spars etc.

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Re: WANTED: commercial quality hazel poles

Postby bankbio » 19 Jan 2018, 12:56

I've just felled some good quality hazel here in West Fife if you're interested; I think you may have taken some you coppiced yourself last year, so you're welcome to come and collect some more.

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