Place/Partner for Low Impact Buildings tour?

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Place/Partner for Low Impact Buildings tour?

Postby andrew.donaldson » 04 May 2017, 15:22

Hello. First poster here. I'm Andrew D, one of the crew at Comrie Croft.

Exploring the possibility of organising a tour of inspiring examples of low impact building. e.g. Use of renewable/local/reused materials, some off-grid, some huts/cabins (but also residential or commercial), innovation (e.g. bridging the divide between slow evolutionary self-build and fast factory prefab).

Ideally need to identify where is leading the way on the this kind of stuff (somewhere not too dissimilar to Scotland would also be good, Norway?) and also a partner organisation that might help to organise.

I know the famous "Norway Study Tour" was instrumental in early Reforesting Scotland. Anyone with any insights or connections out there?


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