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Hello all.

Posted: 22 Jun 2017, 20:21
by Silviculturalist
Hi all,
Thought id take the opportunity to introduce myself to other members of Reforesting Scotland. New to RS member, I have been a member since the beginning of June 2017 and hopefully for many years to come. Currently I am studying BSc Forest management at the University of Cumbria, which I am a mature student, leave my age for you to guess at a later date. Silviculture is my main hobby horse and hopefully, will eventually will be my source of employment and lifestyle. Lifestyle, as I have a long term ambition of having a woodland to sustainably manage for a variety of uses. I am hoping to attend the meeting in October and looking forward to meeting some if not all of you.

Hello all

Posted: 08 Aug 2019, 15:17
by Kamwolf
i happened to come across this forum while looking for ways to make my own 5.1 cds.i have dowloaded a few 5.1 torrents and thought there must be a way to do this im hoping with a little luck and a few pointers from the forum i will hopefully succeed...any and all suggestions,tips would be greatly appeciated..

thanks for your time


aka the frynge