This is a space where you can let other forum users know who you are and what your hutting interests and involvements are. If you don't want to reveal too much to the world, a simple "hello" will do!
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Postby Brydekirk » 27 Jul 2017, 11:23

I'm very interested in hutting. I got quite excited when I heard about the site, but there's not a lot happening. :(
I'm lucky enough to have gotten a great piece of land. I would like to share some with other people, but I need help dealing with the council.
If anyone can help, don't be shy.

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Re: Hello

Postby oldtorrlee » 02 Mar 2018, 12:55

Which region are you in? Are you Brydekirk as in Dumfries and Galloway? I've just joined the forum and also see not a lot going on but am in the process of doing some huts with six others at Auchencairn, D & G. Just getting to the point of having some possibly useful information to share.

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