This is a space where you can let other forum users know who you are and what your hutting interests and involvements are. If you don't want to reveal too much to the world, a simple "hello" will do!
Nick Sneller
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Postby Nick Sneller » 04 Oct 2016, 14:35

My name is Nick Sneller and I've been a member of RS for many years. I now live in the SW of England but still keep in touch, I look forward to seeing those at the RS AGM at the end of the week.

I would like to introduce my new company the Classic Pod Company. I have set out to design small accommodation units that are modular, prefabricated and very adaptable.

For more information you can look at my website or email me at

I would like the opportunity to design and build Huts that will allow people to get away to enjoy our natural environment, yet have a little comfort

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