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This is a space where you can let other forum users know who you are and what your hutting interests and involvements are. If you don't want to reveal too much to the world, a simple "hello" will do!
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Postby brendan.hynes » 30 Dec 2016, 15:57

Hello all, I have been contributing on the Facebook page for thousand huts for sometime now, I am a retired Engineer/ Manager in construction mainly Oil & Gas

I would very much like to be a land/hut owner,but have had no luck finding a suitable site,however the changes in planning etc coming along may help resolve the issue for me.

I have a interest in stove design for cooking, heating of water & hut

Would also like to make my own charcoal to use for other experiments in metalwork and pottery ( no expertise in both) have done some sand casting of silver.

Have a full class A Radio Ham licence and experiment with antenna designs & construction as well as world wide radio communication, the hut and land would allow me to play with all of the above and more.

Would be keen to hear from anyone with similar interests or plan for land buy, site set up

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