Sloe gin

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Sloe gin

Postby donald.mcphillimy » 19 Oct 2016, 10:42

Picked some sloes at our local community woodland on Sunday, despite an electric fence and a ditch. Hanging like grapes in places. Making more sloe gin.
1. Pick out the leavers and stems
2. Bash them about a bit with a small mug in a bowl
3. Insert into a stoppered bottle or screwtop wine bottle (rinsed out with hot water) to about halfway
4. Pour in about 1/6th of the bottle with granulated sugar, using a wee funnel
5. Fill up to 2" from the top with cheap gin (save the good stuff for your G&Ts)
6. Close the bottles, leave somewhere you pass regularly
7. Every time you pass them, turn them upside down a few times and make sure the sugar has all dissolved
8. Enjoy the rich colour which emerges
9. Put them on a top shelf and forget about them for a year or so
10. Open up one you made a year ago and toast the success of this year's vintage.

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