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Adding Photographs to Posts

Postby stan.davies » 29 Sep 2016, 13:32

Although there are several ways of adding photographs to Posts the main issue is that of the limitation of the photograph's size, which is 1000pixels wide. As Photographs are usually held as Files annotated by size, in Mbs/Kbs, they cannot be easily recognised as suitable to fit a post, without adjustment..
One way to insert a photograph as an image file is from a photo sharing/storage website that can also provide a means to adjust the image size to fit the Post's message.

It is easy enough to open a Photobucket Account (Free)or similar storage site, if you don't already have one, and download the photograph image files to be used. In Photobucket these will appear in a Library/Folder as a Thumbnail of the Image.

If in "POST A NEW TOPIC" and wishing to add a photograph to your Txt.
Open your Photobucket.

Click on the required Image and it will appear full size on a new screen.
Click on the 'EDIT' option (Small square with a paintbrush symbol inside) and it will appear full size on a new screen with options for Editing.
Click on the 'Resize' option and Adjust the Width to 1000pixels, or less, as required.
Click 'APPLY' to complete the adjustment and then 'SAVE'.
When the 'Saving' is completed it will return to the same screen that offered the original 'Edit' option.
(Note the Image's filename will have changed)
The 'New' Image Identity is now in the IMG box below the "Share this Photo" options, to the right of the displayed image.
Note: Give sufficient time for the Image file to reload into Photobucket completely after conversion)
Hover the cursor over the IMG Box and 'Click', the box will turn YELLOW and indicate 'COPIED'
(This performs the same actions as using 'Ctrl-C' to save highlighted txt etc.)
Return to your "POST A NEW TOPIC" panel, locate the cursor as required and Enter Ctrl-V
The URL, taken from the IMG box in Photbucket, will appear as Txt in your panel.
(Note: The photograph image will only become viewable in 'Preview' and after 'Submission')

Click "Preview" to view your completed Post+photograph, before submitting.

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