Toilets ? (Carnock Wood)

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Toilets ? (Carnock Wood)

Postby stan.davies » 12 Oct 2016, 13:02

Little brother loos !.
I think individual loos, per 'hut', are the best way forward.
With communal loos there will always be some degree of discussion (possibly even argument!) over who is responsible for the maintenance, contents disposal etc.
Composting Toilet type more than likely as the ground/soil etc. of the site may well not lend itself to “Outhouse” (USA) or “Dunny” (Aus) type constructions.

I do think a communal loo of some sort may well be necessary in early days on site as individuals would not, by then, have the means to create self-builds and site occupancy, at times, may be high.
I'd even suggest a 'Portaloo'(chemical) on site, (Car park area?) funded by occupants/residents as keyholders, as it could be removed later. If this was possible………………?.

As regards invalids, wheelchair users etc. I would leave that to individual Hut owners as they see fit.
In the past during a period of illness I needed regular/instant access to toilet facilities at "The Hut". I bought a 'Porta-potty' from one of the caravan outlets and this covered me for a couple of years (I still have it). “Porta-pottys” are good for when there are young children around too.
“Porta-Pottys” do have their disadvantages in remote' locations as you still need somewhere for contents disposal, flushing and cleaning out. Public toilet facilities can provide these, but even these are getting scarce.

In my own case I've had to move to building the composting toilet as the local 'Council' and Village Committee decided to knock down the only Public Toilet available nearby. The nearest ones now, though too distant to walk to(with a full potty !), are difficult to use. There is no standpipe available for water either and you need to carry a suitable fitting to get a hose on to the inside taps…. A darned nuisance.

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