Beyond Toilets...............FIRE !

For general discussion relating to the Thousand Huts campaign and hutting.
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Beyond Toilets...............FIRE !

Postby stan.davies » 17 Oct 2016, 19:37

One issue, probably contentious is that of 'Fire'.
Obviously it'll depend on the Landowner as to whether these are permissible on site but
I would like to make a case for the humble campfire... a fire pit, an outdoor barbecue even.
In Britain, I find in Scotland in particular, there is a 'fear' of camp fire... and I can, in some cases, understand why.(Too many examples to mention, L Lomond and environs sticks in mind though!)

But, it's 'Education' and 'Management of outdoor spaces that makes a difference.
A Hutting site is surely easily managed, safely............................ I can hope !!!
I spent 10 days walking the High Line Trail, in the Rockies, N-S in Glacier Park.
All of the designated campsites have fire pits and '"outhouses"(of sorts!)
(Yes they're designated due to the sometimes 'over friendly' wildlife.. The Bears like free take-aways...!) All this in 'Virgin' Forest.....
The fire pits have griddle plates, pot hangers, a metal swee in some cases and a log pile or designated fuel store. The "outhouses" can just be the hole in the ground , with a plank over it !!. (with beautiful views................) The sites are 'maintained' by the Park Management (Who have Powers of Arrest!) with the assistance of college students on 'educational' outings, even Community Service Volunteers (Of the Offender type !)

Anyway, back to basics. How about a Fire pit, or similar, Log or Planked benches, communal setting... Could this be part of Carnock Wood?

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