Carnock Pilot Study site update May 2017

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Carnock Pilot Study site update May 2017

Postby donald.mcphillimy » 16 May 2017, 14:27

Some comments about the Carnock site in response to a question from Stan Davies.

Carnock/Saline. (for Donald again!) Given that there have been many 'hurdles' to overcome on the planning front, as regards the site. I'm curious.
With this site going to be held up as a possible 'model ' for other hut sites, I'm wondering to what extent the cost of this planning 'phase', in total, was referenced in the recent discussions with other potential hutting Landowners or Site Providers.
And whether the expense in gaining Planning consent, providing Site Drawings etc. might impact on their decision to move towards creating new hutting sites….
And, to what extent 'other' Local Authorities' Planners will see this not just as a 'model' but, in the light of the proposed '”How to” Guide, might become the 'de facto' Design and not provide sufficient leeway for 'some' additional individuality of design……………. I'm thinking of an earlier observation, in discussion with You, that the Planners involved at Saline…..wanted a high degree of uniformity,…..vertical cladding, of design, colour etc………………….

Stan, these are all good questions, some of which remain to be resolved. We have put a lot of time into this, mainly Richard Heggie, our planning consultant, and myself, but it has been spread out over 3 years or so, so it has been in bursts with long periods of inaction in between.
I do think that a pilot study will always take longer and go into more detail than the cases which follow along behind.

We discussed costs and time at the Landowners' Seminar and it is a concern but not of over-riding importance I think. The pain and frustration caused by the planning system generally fades away over time, as we all know.

We deliberately went for a more uniform look, complete with design concept for the pilot study as we felt it should be a fairly mainstream application with greater room for individuality in future applications. The Thousand Huts campaign will argue that all sorts of design solutions are possible, including Carbeth recycled chic. :-) I guess that we also thought it might avoid some local criticism and make the route to planning permission that bit easier.

So, once we have pioneered the new wave of huts in Scotland at Carnock and Falkland, we hope others will find it quicker, cheaper and easier to follow. And that some wonderful new huts will be built, connecting people with nature in an affordable way. To the hills, to huts, to happiness!

I think there is something in the spirit of hutting which is inherently diverse. A hut is an exoskeleton for our personalities. not just diverse, but almost perverse . . . (last 6 words by Gerry Loose)

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