Building Regulations and Huts

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Building Regulations and Huts

Postby Roarbut » 19 Nov 2016, 18:38

Hey Guys

I participated in the consultation on building regs and huts near the start of this year, have since received quite a bit of interest in people wanting cabins/huts built and I can give them plenty of advice when it comes to planning/design but have no clue how to spec their huts when it comes to building regs. Same with Engineers drawings.

Is there any news on this in the pipeline? In the meantime, I'm just going by normal domestic standards but I'd like to know if there are any planned exemptions/changes so I can pass savings on to customers.



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Re: Building Regulations and Huts

Postby stan.davies » 21 Dec 2016, 14:17

Hi, Sorry, I don't get it!!... Building Regs for Huts... !

They're supposed to be what it says on the tin.... 'HUTS'.
Surely the limitations must be as minimalistic as possible otherwise they'll end up being unaffordable and the efforts to promote 'Hutting' will never happen.

As you were on the 'Consultation' you probably know more than most about what was discussed as regards possible 'Regs', please let Us know something of the thought lines... ?.

It'll end up like the 'Regs' for Chalets, Log Cabins, Caravans and the 'Tiny House' syndrome that's progressing now....... Of course Landowners need to be assured that any land rented is developed and used in a 'Safe; manner..... But.........

Why don't "THEY" start with Regs for Tents and work from there. ....... then on to open fires, outdoor barbecues.. ......composting toilets.....I could go on........ needs the KISS principle applied.(Wikipedia )

I appreciate 'Your' concerns, but you're a builder. So am I, but DIY... thankfully there's still no control over the materials I can buy and use.

Rgds, Stan Flintstone

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