A HUT.."Pie in the Sky" or "Pleasure for life"

Discuss hut design and construction here - DIY or hire a professional? Materials, style and function etc
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A HUT.."Pie in the Sky" or "Pleasure for life"

Postby stan.davies » 16 Oct 2016, 15:00

Of all those issues relating to the professing interest in having “A Hut” there are always questions ..

"The Thought".................... “Why would You”?
A place to get away from it all. A place to get away from 'Them'….Back to nature. A place to find solace...................
A project. A chance to own a little bit of something, somewhere, anywhere. A legacy for the afterbears.
A weekend retreat. A family retreat. Somewhere to commune, with others of a similar ilk.

How much time will you really have to use it?

"The Idea".....................What is it to be, what does it need to be...physically
Rustic, rough and ready. Simple, yet comfortable. 'Designer', 'holiday' chalet. A Children's playground.............
Habitable Winter and summer.
Exclusive. Room for others, even open to use by others.
Easy access, to arrive and enjoy with little effort. Sufficient amenities nearby
Remote, an adventure to visit.

Whatever the Ideas and Thoughts you may have, even about what you might want it to become, that may well end up being determined by the location that is available, and thereafter, beyond the expense of the build, what actual use can be made of it.
Think well before you get too far into it. There may be no way back

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