A HUT...."The Pie".....At what cost!?

Discuss hut design and construction here - DIY or hire a professional? Materials, style and function etc
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A HUT...."The Pie".....At what cost!?

Postby stan.davies » 20 Oct 2016, 18:01

If You've gotten beyond the Idealism and the “Thought” is firmly in mind this must lend towards some sort of Planning, even if it's only the minds eye.
If a site does become available and IF there are limits, restrictions, on the appearance which there may well be ! .. ……..Tough!. It's only a hut, compromise is everything for peace of mind.

The initial build will cost as much as you are able to put into it, enough for a place to lay your head is all that's needed in the first instance. The Interior, the same, but from humble beginnings it can become palatial over time…………… ( though not in the case of my 'Hut',……... it's “comfy”).

In my case, apart from the Wood-burner, the roof felt and a few other odds and sods…...everything is second-hand, salvaged or new-built from scratch, even then using recovered timber in most instances.
What you save in frugality becomes what you need most without it costing too much, and discount stores have now replaced 'new' for the 'old stuff' acquired from Paddy's Market, car boot sales etc.

And, be prepared for camping too.
A few days work means over-nighting, ………...be comfortable. A Cottage style tent, not a pup tent.
You'll need to sleep well, be able to stretch out, eat well, drink a lot (Not just alcohol!)
It may well be more hard work than you've done in a long time.. ….and outdoors…lousy weather.. Even hot weather !!!.
(A campfire can make a world of difference……………………..(A contentious point in some circles)).

Few will have access to a motorhome, a caravan or such, to support 'living' nearby during a build.
Just being 'on-site' until there is a secure structure in place is paramount.
I can easily lose/misplace some of my tools whilst working, away, when I'm busy. You can lose a lot more than tools and materials if you're not around to look after them.
Nearly All of the tools I use on site are easily replaceable, those left on site more nuisance in loss than anything else, and to be shared. The good stuff I always take home with me.

At one time we kept old ammunition boxes buried in the ground, padlocked, camouflaged over with rocks, for the tools and 'valuables'. We even hid the odd bottle of 'Juice', well more the “Water of Life”, just for 'Emergencies!'…... buried and sadly, in due squirrel like form, usually forgot where we'd done so when we returned(!)
One man's loss can be another man's gain…………. Don't be a loser.

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