Building a Hut, A Flintstone's' way. The Site

Discuss hut design and construction here - DIY or hire a professional? Materials, style and function etc
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Building a Hut, A Flintstone's' way. The Site

Postby stan.davies » 21 Oct 2016, 14:33

I find it hard to rationalise my thoughts about what 'IT' means to all those purported to be interested in 'Hutting'.. ...
For me 'Hutting' is a get away from it all, at minimal cost, minimum damage to the environment in a reasonably physically secure habitation and location. With a degree of comfort through the minimum of amenities. As my present 'HUT' attests to.....…A dereliction adapted for comfort.
Age is taking it's toll and I'm experiencing difficulties in getting access to and maintaining my present hideaway. So, with 'new' opportunities being investigated I've decided to research the costings that may be needed to start from scratch Again(!!)…. Should the correct opportunity come my way.

The Site:
Once a site has been found, and permission to build granted, the Access will undoubtedly affect the process of any build and from the start some sort of project management will be needed, on either an individual or a group basis…………...
The age and experience of the 'owners', and their helpers will determine how much can be done at any given time…. And it will certainly, more than likely, take longer than first thought.
The unforeseen is always unforeseen… and that's just the weather.
Generally 'Country folk', those of farming stock(!) etc. have a wide range of skills and support suitable for working outdoors.
'Townies' much less so unless they've been exposed to outdoor living or a reasonable degree of DIY experience in their lifetime. No matter what, 'Friends' will be needed.

The Logistics are important.
Just being able to manoeuvre within and manipulate the site conditions and to create a clear working environment may well be hard, particularly in avoiding unnecessary destruction of pathways, habitat etc. or even including the creation of new ones.
The Site at Carnock Wood, for instance, has a very good access to a communal parking area. But, that's a far as it goes, at present. There are no fully defined pathways to either of the proposed sites and those existing wind along 'dog walkers trails' at present.. The ground is mixed form, hard rock in places, slightly boggy in others. Understandably the 'Hut Sites' will be a similar mixed bag.
The advantages here will be the possibility of some support from with the local community.

It may even be an arduous working environment at times, so places of respite and relief, nearby, should be identified (The local Pub!)

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