Building a Hut, A Flintstone's way. Location

Discuss hut design and construction here - DIY or hire a professional? Materials, style and function etc
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Building a Hut, A Flintstone's way. Location

Postby stan.davies » 21 Oct 2016, 14:47


One thing that does need consideration and quite a lot of thought beforehand, before even thinking of building, is determining the orientation of the 'hut' of choice, related to the choice of 'Style'.
Hopefully the 'landlord' will not be over-proscriptive in determining the design and not too much about the appearance either Although some moderation for those of more eccentric tastes may be necessary.
(Trouble is it usually Planning Department members who are the most "eccentric'!)


Huts, to me, come in what I'd call 'Cottage style', door central or near central on the 'long' side and the other is 'Porch style', door on the gable end.
The problem with 'Cottage Style' is that you'll need a 'porch' or at least an overhang over the door on the roof edge as rainwater run off will be a nuisance, as I found out (!) and fitting gutters under the slant side of a hut roof is not that easy (believe me)
Although you may well want gutters anyway for water dispersal and even collection too !
The 'Porch Style' lends itself to having an overhang at the gable end, over the doorway, much more easily….. water run-off is then mainly to the sides…..

Within the Site, for starters, no matter what the location, the 'foundations' for any Hut will be the quality and levelness of the base it is to stand on.
In getting that base secured the 'setting out' will be the hardest part due to the alignment, as in ensuring 'squareness' and leveling,. The difficulties in achieving these cannot be easily assessed for the moment as the specific 'location' is not known.
No matter what though, certain fundamental issues will apply….…well worth going into, but not too deeply until the site is secured……..
However, they need to be planned for.

The sooner ready to be out of the starting blocks……...the sooner you can get started.….
And 'Facing South', always best for the Northern Hemisphere……… only way to get a suntan!

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Re: Building a Hut, A Flintstone's way. Location

Postby donald.mcphillimy » 24 Oct 2016, 07:32

I like the idea of getting a suntan and not getting a shower every time you go in or out. A bench on the sunny side is a great asset. Good place to put on your boots. The more overhang the better.

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