Building a Hut, A Flintstone's way. Build 1

Discuss hut design and construction here - DIY or hire a professional? Materials, style and function etc
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Building a Hut, A Flintstone's way. Build 1

Postby stan.davies » 24 Oct 2016, 13:29

Size and layout

For the Hut build I started Planning from the basis that the 'building' (in total) must be confined within the
5x6mtrs outline as prescribed in the recent planning document..

My current hut, the Living Area is roughly 3x 3.6 mtrs (10ftx12ft) extended to 3x 4.5 mtrs(10ftx14.5ft) with the addition of a Store and Composting Toilet. Certainly big enough for four to live comfortably with adaptable bunk-beds/futon, kitchen area, table, gas stove and wood-burner for 'comfort, and adequate storage space.
The 'New' plan is for a hut of 3.6x 4.8mtrs size and this is based on the availability of materials in their standard sizes to the reduce the necessity to have to do too much cutting to size, to fit. The additional height, compared with my current hut, will allow even more space for a sleeping platform or 'store' in the roof space.

As 'a Plan' it fits well within the 5x6mtr confines with plenty of room for further development outside, not much bigger than my 'original' internally but lends itself well to a known layout, with 'Extras'.

The Old layout is shown before and after (Red) the woodburner was installed

2016Plan is the installation of a double Futon to replace the lower bunk.Image

I'm still thinking of using a Futon, so convenient at any time, and the extra space with the 3.6x 4.8mtrs plan will help with a more 'comfortable' positioning of the woodburner. Still further room for extension and easily accommodates a 'porch' area.

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