Group Ownership of Woodland

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Group Ownership of Woodland

Postby al.whitworth » 22 Jan 2017, 11:00

Hi. I'm interested in any experience people have with group ownership of woodland, and what models are most suitable. I've done plenty of research, but not seen a clear path. was a good start: ... urchasing/

So my question is what is the simplest method for a group of individuals coming together to buy land?

For up to 4 people it seems possible to have everyone listed on the land registry title, but the downside I see for this is that wives/husbands/partners wouldn't be on there, just 1 person per party.

For more than 4 people a limited company seems sensible but does this add a lot of admin and faff? Or is it a good idea to have something like this to protect people anyway?

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