A Handbook of Scotland’s Wild Harvests

An authoritative new companion for sustainable foraging

Cover of the Handbook of Scotland's Wild HarvestsAre you a forager? If you dream of being more connected to the landscape and all the bounty it can provide, look out for this invaluable guide. From the publisher and editor team who produced A Handbook of Scotland’s Trees, this book will inform you about plants from fields, woods and seashores, as well as firewood and seaweeds. You’ll discover well-tried recipes from Scottish kitchens – from nettle haggis to blaeberry muffins – and a wealth of woodland and hedgerow materials you can use in the garden or home.

The book is a partnership project between Reforesting Scotland and the Scottish Wild Harvests Association (SWHA), with the information drawn together from expert members of both. Many are professionals in the field, and all of them know their plants and materials thoroughly from years or decades of experience. Their entries abound in useful information on habitat, history, uses, lore, and how to distinguish a useful plant from similar species that are not.

As well as providing a good introduction to foraging in Scotland, the book contains enough detailed tips and insights to be of real interest to experienced gatherers as well. (The editorial team can vouch for this!)

The Handbook is available direct from Reforesting Scotland – contact the Reforesting Scotland office for details – and also from the publishers, Saraband. Retail price is £12.99, but if you are buying from the RS office, ask about special offers for members of RS and SWHA.

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