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Crowdfunder opened for new book on Rewilding

In partnership with Trees for Life we are supporting the publication of a new book, SCOTLAND: A Rewilding Journey. This book is a rally cry to bring about action for a wilder Scotland, where forests abundant with life are regenerating,

Why are deer dying in Scotland’s hills?

Over the last few weeks, hill walkers have encountered dead deer lying scattered over many of Scotland’s hills. While some may have been shot to put them out of their misery, most will have starved to death – the combination

Reforesting Scotland Journal 57: A Place to Be

Spring/summer issue 2018 The Reforesting Scotland Journal is free to members. The theme of the Spring 2018 issue of Reforesting Scotland is ‘A Place to be’ and we take a look at huts, crofts and bothies, the Ulva buyout, and

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Action: New beaver consultation

Soon, the legislation allowing beavers to remain in Scotland will be debated in the Edinburgh Parliament. Before that can happen, the Scottish Government is obliged to issue a report and hold a public consultation on the conclusions of that report. The

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Annual Gathering 2018 – Braemar

Friday 5th October to Sunday 7th October 2018 The 2018 Gathering is nearly upon us. As usual we’ll have a mix of visits, talks, workshops, practical demonstrations, food, company and dancing. We are asking folk to pre-book the visits to

From beavers to bears – we need a map!

Rewilding may be a hot topic but, says Alan Carter, the legal framework for reintroductions needs to be improved. This year, Denmark got its first wild wolf pack for over 200 years. It wasn’t part of any government programme. No

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Rewilding urban greenspace in Aberdeen

From Reforesting Scotland Journal 56: Wild Again (autumn 2017 issue) At first glance, ‘rewilding the city’ might sound like a contradiction. To some people, the wild is defined by the absence of interfering humans. How can wildness exist in that

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 56: Wild Again

Autumn/winter 2017 issue The Reforesting Scotland Journal is free to members. The theme of the Autumn 2017 issue of Reforesting Scotland is ‘Wild again!’ and we take a look at ecological restoration and reintroductions. Buy now for £5.00 including postage.

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Annual Gathering 2017 – Comrie Croft

Friday 13th October to Sunday 15th October 2017 The venue for this year’s Annual Gathering is Comrie Croft, near Creiff. The theme of the Gathering and of the Reforesting Scotland Journal no. 56 will be Rewilding. Events Performance poetry by

Booking now open for RS Gathering 2017: Rewilding

Booking is now open for the 2017 Reforesting Scotland Gathering, with a discount for early birds. The Gathering will take place from Friday 13th October to Sunday 15th October 2017. The venue is Comrie Croft and the theme of the