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From beavers to bears – we need a map!

Rewilding may be a hot topic but, says Alan Carter, the legal framework for reintroductions needs to be improved. This year, Denmark got its first wild wolf pack for over 200 years. It wasn’t part of any government programme. No

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Rewilding urban greenspace in Aberdeen

From Reforesting Scotland Journal 56: Wild Again (autumn 2017 issue) At first glance, ‘rewilding the city’ might sound like a contradiction. To some people, the wild is defined by the absence of interfering humans. How can wildness exist in that

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Pine martens

If there was ever an animal that showed the changes that cascade through the web of ecological relationships when you add or remove one of its members, it is the pine marten (Martes martes). This native woodlander was once removed

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Could Brexit end the lose-lose situation in Scotland’s uplands?

Alan Carter asks, could Brexit be an opportunity to craft a sane economic vision for our uplands? In 2011, consultants from the Scottish Agricultural College began a study into the comparative economics of commercial forestry and hill sheep farming in

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