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Back issues of Reforesting Scotland and The Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy are available from the Reforesting Scotland office. See the 'Buying the Journal' page for details.

Reforesting Scotland Journal 48

Cover of Reforesting Scotland Journal 48

Autumn/Winter 2013: ‘Fun in the forest’ There are so many ways to engage with forests! Buy this issue now for £5.00 including postage. Articles include: The Woodland Building Site – families creating a building for their local woodland kindergarten Donkeys

Reforesting Scotland Journal 47

Spring/Summer 2013: ‘Coping with catastrophe’ The theme for this issue highlights the Great Storm of 2012 and the spread of diseases like Chalara fraxinea (ash die-back), but also celebrates the creative responses of communities and individuals to those disasters. Buy

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 46

Autumn/Winter 2012: ‘The living forest’ The theme for this issue ties in with the annual Reforesting Scotland Gathering in Strathspey in early October 2012. Buy this issue now for £5.00 including postage. Articles include: Forest life in Abernethy In conversation…

Reforesting Scotland Journal 45

Spring/Summer 2012: Co-operative living – a low impact choice? Forty years at Laurieston Hall Acorn, a new crofting co-op for Argyll A simple woodland life at Tinker’s Bubble Together on the land at Talamh Thousand Huts campaign report and news

Reforesting Scotland Journal 44

Autumn/Winter 2011-12: Reforestation, regeneration and renewal First Shoots: regeneration, renewal and reforestation by Alan Carter Renewing the Kelvin Valley Aspen apothecary – using aspen for remediation Greening the Central Belt Revitalising a neighbourhood in Aberdeen To tree or not to

Reforesting Scotland Journal 43

Cover of Reforesting Scotland Journal issue 43

Spring/Summer 2011: Woodland shelter First shoots: Scotland’s missing huts From one to a thousand – a personal perspective Hut life – the stories of three communities – Carbeth, Lunga and Soonhope from the perspective of a hutter, a landowner and

Reforesting Scotland Journal 42

Cover of Reforesting Scotland Journal 42

Autumn/Winter 2010: ‘Woodlands and water‘ First Shoots: A fish swam through it – Les Bates, forest gardener and long-term Reforesting Scotland member, introducing this year’s Annual Gathering Restoring riparian woodland Aliens land in Loch Ness – invasive plants in riparian

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Cover of the first issue of the Tree Planter's Guide to the Galaxy

The Reforesting Scotland Journal has been published continuously since 1992, and under the name ‘The Tree-Planter’s Guide to the Galaxy‘ it dates all the way back to 1989. As time goes on we plan to upload details of many more