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Reforesting Scotland Journal 59: Land Revival

Spring/summer issue 2019: Land Revival

The Spring 2019 issue is a special bumper edition with 12 extra pages covering the places visited and lessons learned from our Land Revival study tour. You can buy it online for the regular price of £5.00 including postage.

Andy McMullen: Don’t look back in ignorance
Bernard Planterose: Feeding an ecosystem
Alyne Jones: Taliesin transformation
Amy Clarkson: Co-creative ecology at Bamff Estate
John Sutherland: Diversification on Rannoch Moor
Georgie Brown: Realising the vision
Alan Carter introduces The Land Revival Tour (LRT)
Megan Rowland: LRT North
Land Revival mindmap
Nick Kempe: Anagach Woods
Donald McPhillimy: LRT South
Speddoch Woods: Woodlots
Jared Bowers: A personal view
Donald McPhillimy: LRT Central
Peter Caunt: Jerah and Croy
Grace Banks: Seeds of change
Artists in wood: Ripplewood
A letter from… Romania: Interactions in Transylvania
My favourite stove: Morsø Squirrel
Woodland report: Croft woodlands
Last word: Readers’ poetry

The Reforesting Scotland Journal is free to members.


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Reforesting Scotland Journal 58: By Leaves We Learn

Autumn/winter issue 2018

The Reforesting Scotland Journal is free to members.

The theme of our Autumn/Winter issue is ‘By Leaves We Learn’ and we take a look at various aspects of education and learning outdoors, including the Shieling Project, Upstart Scotland and Forestry Ambassadors. Other subjects include the impact of herbivores on the forest understorey and attitudes to wolves. Regular features include Buildings of the Forest on huts for management; Beasts of the Forest on wild boar;  and Food from the Forest on mushroom logs. Artists in Wood looks at the Peebles Wood Market and Eamonn Wall explains how to prune broadleaved trees. Plus news, book reviews and more!

Buy for £5.00 including postage online.

Articles include:

Juliet Robertson: By leaves we learn
Mairi McFadyen: The Shieling Project – embedding people within a healthy land
Sue Palmer: Upstart – Why children need to learn about nature through hand, heart and head*
Elizabeth Barron-Majerik: Tertiary education – the Forestry Ambassadors
Karen Grant: Glasgow School of Art*
Elizabeth Marshall: What is a wolf? The power of the cultural icon versus the animal
Adele Clarke: 8 Shields – The art of mentoring and learning
Kate Holl: Where have all the flowers gone?*
Buildings of the forest: Huts and bothies for woodland management*
Artists in Wood: Peebles Wood Market
Beasts of the forest: Wild boar
Food from the forest: Growing mushrooms on wood
A reader writes… Pruning broadleaves*
Last Word: Cathy Bache




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