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Annual Gathering 2019 – Aberfoyle

Booking form This year the Gathering is heading to the Trossachs, part of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park and home of more large-scale ecological restoration projects than you can shake a birch seedling at. We’ll be based

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From beavers to bears – we need a map!

Rewilding may be a hot topic but, says Alan Carter, the legal framework for reintroductions needs to be improved. This year, Denmark got its first wild wolf pack for over 200 years. It wasn’t part of any government programme. No

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Rewilding urban greenspace in Aberdeen

From Reforesting Scotland Journal 56: Wild Again (autumn 2017 issue) At first glance, ‘rewilding the city’ might sound like a contradiction. To some people, the wild is defined by the absence of interfering humans. How can wildness exist in that

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 56: Wild Again

Autumn/winter 2017 issue The Reforesting Scotland Journal is free to members. The theme of the Autumn 2017 issue of Reforesting Scotland is ‘Wild again!’ and we take a look at ecological restoration and reintroductions. Buy now for £5.00 including postage.

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New Facebook group on rewilding

Reforesting Scotland plans to become more involved in ‘rewilding’ campaigns over the next few years. As a first step, we have launched a Facebook group for people to share news, views, pictures, events, campaigns and enthusiasm about rewilding. There is

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Reforesting Scotland Journal 50

Autumn/Winter 2014: ‘Restoring the Land and the People’ Looking back – and forward – in our 50th issue. Buy this issue now for £5.00 including postage. Articles include: Bernard Planterose: From wet desert to woodland economy. George Monbiot: Rewilding. Andy

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